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Monday, November 30, 2009

MMMetcon Monday Post Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful, quiet holiday with my mama- got home Friday night. Gators win, had fun with J and Kate at the Ed where I proceeded to get my drink on~ good times at MKs for drinks, then we saw off the trolley o' drunks!!! FUN!!!!~~ :) :) :)

IF today

WOD: 15 min row for max distance. I managed to beat my old distance, but not by much. Hey, I as just glad to be there, burning calories :) It sucked, but it was needed. 3630m.

over 19hrs today.

t burger, egg, bruss sprouts, nuts

red pepper

about to nosh on a little more food before going in to gym for squats at 6PM.

eggs, asparagus, nuts

1-0-2 egg, walnuts

so I just now figured out where my blocks need to be by the day's end, and it turns out I get to chow right now!!!

salmon, brocc, avocado, few walnuts


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