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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dec 1!!

Up with short sleep. Way too much on my mind, but this too shall pass.

Rankly Nasty: AMRAP 20: 1 rd of The Bear @ 65, then 15 burpees. This is some sick ass shit, and that's about it. Thank GOODNESS it was only 65 lbs. Almost got 5 rds- 2 burpees short! Now I feel like I didn't miss anything over the holiday :) all caught up.

breakfast eggs, pear-apple, nuts

On the road today to the LP-Sebring area- Hip Kitty Holiday Designs puts up it's first tree today! Won't be posting much, so will check you peeeps latah.

uugggghh. I am beat and it's Tuesday.

lunch- t burg, asparagus, walnuts

egg, nuts

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