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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec 2 and it was ASSTASTIC!

OH CARLOS..............WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING??????????? I hear that their Tuesday workouts are called BLOODY TUESDAYS. WHY OH FN WHY are you drinking and DRIVING the night before a FN BLOODY TUESDAY??????????????????????????????????????????

Up with better sleep.

WOD: Asstastic: run 400, 25 pull ups, 400m, 50 push ups (curb), 400m, 75 sit ups, 400m, 100 air squats, run 400m. I love m&g WODs. It was asstastic. 19:25.

break- eggs, pear-apple, nuts

meeting in LaBelle this am and then to beautiful Felda, FLA for Hip Kitty's 2nd holiday excursion.....I just need to get through this week-

salmon, brocc, red pepp, walnuts

egg, nuts

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  1. You love M&G wods because you always kill them! Nice work girlfriend. C U Friday for lumberjack. I will be in at 6 to run that with you!!