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Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2 Monday

What a great weekend! The Gator victory was a sight to behold, I think we are back. I wish BSpikes had NOT poked anyone in the eye, but oh well, he did and now is suspended for the first half of the Vandy game. I am sure this happens at many games. Yes, even YOUR boys do it. (doesn't make it right, I am aware) :O

Halloween was fun at our house with a few ToT'ers, maybe not as many as last year, but we still had fun with it. We were lights out, watching USC get spanked by 9PM.

B's going away party at MKs was a hoot, we had a great turn out and the burgers were awesome! Lettuce wrapped, that is ;) MK, you are a great hostess!! Nice job, girl.

Up today with good sleep, I love the time change. IF today.

WOD: Nicole: was looking to beat my old 'score' (?) of 71 and managed to pull 100 today~ and OK MK, I am excited about it!

I have a Gator Club meeting tonight, so no 2fer for me.

meal 1- a large salad made with iceberg and bibb (leftovers from last night), brocc, turkey breast, olives, walnuts

4 fried eggs, asparagus, nuts

chicken, cooked veges, avocado, few walnuts



  1. Spikes has been out of the game too long, he forgot about cameras and that you can only pull those shenanigans when lower in the pile.

    Its like when Sanchez tried to sneak a hot dog... the man is always watching!

    You absolutely crushed it today... great work!

  2. I concur with Stuntman, you f'n crushed it!!!! Yeah!!!! ~ J

  3. Rock on sister...awesome today!! I bolted so quick I didn't even get to hear about your great PR. Nice work!