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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Nov 4

Up with pretty good sleep. Pauly did not win at poker :(
1-0-5 egg, nuts

WOD: 'You Can't Handle the Truth': AMRAP 12: 7 B. Squats @ 123, 10 burpees. Got 6rds plus 2 squats. This was a tough little beyotch. Hollah to Lizzy LuLu for going with 103 and gettin' some~and thanks, girl for helping me get thru the WOD this am!

3 fried eggs, eggplant, nuts

chicken, asparagus, avocado

Going back in this PM for benches and CFE.

benches 5x5: 115-120-120x4-120-120. 19 reps @ 120, 5 more than last time.

CFE WOD 'Tosh': 3x of run 200, run 400, run 600; rest times btw are preceeding run times. THis one SUCKED big time, esp after the squats this am!!!

salmon, red pepper, cooked spinach, avocado, nuts, daaaark choc

I am beat and sore and it's Tuesday. Holy smoke.

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  1. I don't think I would have come back for the CFE after squats! Tough cookie!