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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 22nd of December

Up with short sleep~

WOD: 'This Sucks': row 500, 30 box jumps @ 20", 30 WBS @ 14, 30 pull ups, row 500, 30 pull ups, 30 WBS, 30 box jumps, row 500. Coach says 'what's your number?' I said '20'~ he said 'I think 18'..... This sucked. This sucked because A: I did it solo AGAIN and B: anything with 3 rows mixed in will pretty much suck, I don't care if they were only 500m each. Finished 18:43. Shout out to Eleina and Jim for coming in at 7AM for the fun.

3 eggs, pear apple, nuts

chicken, brocc, asparagus, walnuts

egg, nuts

red pepp, salmon, bruss sprouts, walnuts

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