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Friday, December 4, 2009

Honored to do Lumberjack20 Dec 4

Up with pretty good sleep.

WOD: Lumberjack20: For time: 20 DLs @ 145, run 400, 20 KBS @ 16k, run 400, 20 OHS @ 73, run 400, 20 burps, run 400, 20 pull ups, run 400, 20 box jumps @ 24", run 400, 20 db squat cleans @ 25 for 20, 30 for 10. YEAH GIRL WE DID IT!! Me and MK GOT to do this one together today- of course she went a little heavier on the deads than moi :) NICE. May God bless the families of our fallen bretheren at Ft. Hood. 27:14.

breakfast- eggs, apple, nuts

Well tomorrow's the big day~ looking forward to the clinic! AND......

Tomorrow at 4PM my beloved Gators FIGHT for the SEC Championship. I am already getting a little cagey. By far the most difficult, evenly matched game of the season~ not to mention without DADE (that would be Dumb Ass Defensive End) Carlos Dunlap. Bless his heart.

salmon, brocc, mixed veges, nuts

chicken, zucchini, cukes, avocado, nuts



  1. Good job today on that biatch!

    I will be hitting it up in the PM... I need a post-wod beer to keep me motivated.

  2. you go with your bad self, Sarah! xo

  3. I hope you are doing ok today. Sorry about the loss, we all know how much you love your gators :) FYI-not sure what your schedule is like this week but I have cfe's tues & thurs.