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Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday! Jan 11 and it is COLD.

Up with pretty good sleep, but I still feel tired. IF today.

WOD: 'Fasten Your Seatbelts': 15 AMRAP: 3 PP @ 90% press 1RM = 90lbs, 9 clapping push ups, 15 box jumps @ 20". Got 8 rds. Then a recovery row, 750m @ 75%....kept it around 2:00-2:15, finished 3:14 or so. Did this one SOLO today, since Jim is a total baller now. Me and him at 6AM, and I'd like to know where the rest of the class is. Yeah, I know it's cold outside, but this one was indoors today, so.....

HUGE SHOUT OUT to SMike for fixing my blog!! THANK YOU JIM~ and he's not even done yet!

May try to catch CFE tonight- will see how today goes.!

chicken, mixed veges, asparagus, avocado. Life is good.

Coach and I were talking this am about Paleo stuff- and the quandry that always comes up in my head re: why can't folks open their MINDS (because that's ALL IT IS, in one's HEAD)to eating all of this great God food? Tell me what is so dang appealing about a burger in a bun vs a burger wrapped in lettuce? I'm just sayin.

chicken, cooked veges, asparagus, avocado

CFE @ 6PM- Run 3x7min; .84; .88; .89

salmon, veges, walnuts



  1. Your pic makes me think we are due for a CFFM party soon :)

  2. Taco wraps are becoming my fave...slowly but surely I will get there. :) Looks like this semester will allow me sleep in. I will miss the extra Kitty push at 6AM but on the flip-side I will appreciate the extra zzz's!