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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Closing the weekend out...a great one

Had a great time at the race yesterday. So proud of Pauly, his first one. I managed to keep up with Kate! PR'd at: 23:41 on my Garmin, 24:04 on the race clock. Want to give a shout out to Eleina for running her first also! Good job :) Me, AP, and MK went to Jason's Deli afterwards and noshed on some chow, since the beer was not coming out for another 30 minutes and we were getting chilly. Salad bar with a side of chicken. Home to choc and ab. It was GREAT to see Kristin, Rob, and Jim cheering all of us on at the race! That was awesome :)

It has been a wonderful day today- a great breakfast of omelets, fruit and avocado. Then church, lunch of t burg and salad with avocado~ some sun, and just a touch of grocery shopping. Back home to a movie and din of salmon, ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS (the bomb), and dark choc. I sipped on a pretty weak CF cocktail today, too. A great day!

I leave tomorrow for a quick biz trip to Memphis (ugh) but I come home late Tues night (yay). Currently without my laptop due to me sending my old in back to IT since I am due a new one, so blogging may be sketchy. :O Bring it on Cindy.


  1. Great job on the 5K PR! We really enjoyed cheering you on!

  2. mmm--roasted brussel sprouts. i shall have to try!

    yesterday was most excellent. :) go Paul! good time for you!