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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday with Cindy

Up with decent sleep. That's a plus for Monday morning, yes?

IF today.

WOD: Cindy: Finally busted out of where I've been :) PR at 18 rds plus 4 pulls. I didn't think it was going to happen, since the push ups are always what slow me down. Thank goodness for the clicker :) My more lofty goal of 20 rds is a skoch closer.

Just ran into Leah at Costco and got a quick 'pull up/hand almost tore' update at the register! Only us CF girls have these kinds of convos.... ;)

meal 1- t burg, bruss sprouts, brocc/cauli, avocado. delicious.

meal 2- salmon, zucchini, nuts

gotta fly. See you Wed.


  1. Way to PR girl. That was awesome this morning. I hope you have a wonderful trip...C U Wed? or are you going to sleep in?

  2. Nice work! We will make it to the curb for breakfast one of these days soon!!