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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tues 2/23 & Wed Feb 24... Home & Happiness is...

Quick trip to Memphis for a meeting. Swank digs at The Westin on Beale. Nice. Hit the hotel gym for a 1.5mi sprint on tradmill. Laughing on the inside at the business-traveler dude doing bicep curls like he's the shiz. Food was clean this trip, tho a bit short on carbs. Fast forward to Wed AM....

Up with OK sleep, it was short. Plane touched down at midnight. About 6 hrs. Need to make it up if I can, looking for a nap :)

Went in at 8AM today, no snack this am.

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 DUs and burpees. Good one :) Hollah to ABomb for stellar work!

Kookoo morning: I head home from gym with happy thoughts of breakfast and then a nice little webinar for work at 11AM, no worries at all. There's no power in my hood (33 of us out due to a neighbor who got a little overzealous with a chainsaw) to cook break, (and only 2 hb eggs in fridge to boot)or for my 11AM webinar(it's one reason why I took the red eye home). Rushing around to neighbor's & Starbucks to get on this dang thing. No luck- it was an issue on the GoToMeeting end, (I think) couldn't 'Join'. Suffice to say it was a touch of madness. Having said that: there was a day when I would have been frantic, pulling my hair out, cursing, and pissed off. None of this happened today~ this is a def paradigm shift for Kitty. Happiness is.... :)

So home for lunch by now having missed the entire thing, and still short from breakfast.

2 eggs, plum, apple, nuts

salmon, red pepper, little cooked spinach, a big ol' bowl of brocc and cauli, and avocado. Again, happiness is...

eggs, nuts

din at Uncle Tom's & Jan's- grouper, sweet potato, roasted cauli & brocc, few nuts, about a 1/2 glass of sulfite free organic merlot, 4 carob raisins. These are the clean eaters in the family. :) cheat meal for me.


  1. sometimes i am not so clear on blog etiquette, so am posting here...

    i agree. i stepped back this morning and am going to step up! (See my most recent blog post.) holllaaa!

    p.s. it's that you are freaky, Sarah. Freaks rule the earth, just like earthworms.

  2. power in my hood (33 of us out due to a neighbor who got a little overzealous with a chainsaw)

    WOW! :/

    You go with your foxy paradigm shifting self!!!