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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Oh yeah. Feb 25.

Up with OK sleep, tho a bit short. Seems to be the trend, which sucks.

IF today

WOD: B. Squats 5x5 155-165-165x1-155-155. I have been at 155 for a while, and today was no different. Then to Benches 5x2@ 90%: don't seem to have a recent bench 1RM, so decided to go in at my 3RM of 125 and see how that went- not so great. 125x1-120-120-120-120. Sooo not feeling either one today, no PRs for me. It's all good. One can't PR everday.

Hustled home to clean up, then back to gym for 9AM 101. Left from the gym to head to Immokalee to see some customers. A good day work wise.

Lunch at Ave Maria- salad with blackened tillapia, ate red peppers from a friend/customer's field on the way home (washed them first) ;O Didn't add fat here because I know that the cooking method was suspect.

Home to the next meal: eggs, cooked brocc/cauli, walnuts, few macs.

din- salmon, brocc, asparagus, mushrooms, avocado, macs.

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