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Friday, February 26, 2010

FRIDAY :):):) Feb 26

Up with good sleep. Still want a nap!

WOD: Robert Goulet: AMRAP 15: 5 burpees, 10 pull ups, 15 box jumps (20"). Got 8 rds plus 9 jumps. I'll take it.

home to breakfst with AP: 3 egg omelet with mushrooms, cilantro and onion. (I am now adding cilantro to many of my meals because it is helpful in detoxing the body of heavy metals- which show up for me. 2 plums, walnuts

Back to gym for 9AM 101. Good times.

Costco to get stuff for a baby shower I am helping hostess tomorrow. Costco was kookoo.

Home to lunch: t burger, avocado, leftover brocc and asparagus, little bit of clean salsa (thx Coach for the idea! ;) Will add the egg next time :)

I don't want to come across as the food natzi, but: I just want to remind folks that it is so important to make sure you are eating enough. My experience has taught me this. Believe me: I GET that this type of LIFESTYLE (and it is a lifestyle for me, not a 60d challenge)is pretty major. It is different than anything I've done for most of my life. When your body starts adjusting to clean food and daily CF WODs, you will likely drop some lbs. This can be intoxicating (just like a few CF cocktails! ;)) for some of us, especially us ladies. Hear this: body compisition is important to me! At times, it has been a little too important. Time has lended me the ability to let go of it just a bit, in order to make sure I eat enough to support my lifestyle. History has SHOWN ME that when I start restricting calories to drop a few lbs, or to make that ever-so-evasive 6-pack reveal itself, I eventually crash- WODs feel like I weigh 300lbs, I notice that my strength suffers (numbers drop),I feel sluggish, headachey, CRABBY, and at times even start to get cold like symptoms...this is what the term 'bonking' refers to. This usually happens after several weeks. Then, when I adjust, read: eat more, I feel myself coming back to 'normal'- which for me, is strong (enough) CF performance, higher energy levels throughout the day, better mental attitude, overall feeling great, etc. I have been as low as 3B carbs/day, as much as 40+B fat- I have since adjusted-I need more carbs than that/day- and I am happy where I am at- I feel like I have found that 'sweet spot' of balancing performance, body composition, and happiness with food! For is always subject to change... :O My sleep is also a huge factor, but that's another blog convo.

As I read the many blogs, what I think I am noticing is that there are a few folks who are not eating enough- I could be wrong, maybe you aren't aware... Just remember that properly fueling your body is ultra important- making sure you get enough in there! We don't come into our box and hop on a treadmill to mindlessly get some cardio in- this is serious ass-kicking stuff we do- and it takes some serious food/nutrition to make it happen!

Alright- enough if that- I've held off saying this becasue I didn't want to come across as the blog/block/food natzi queen beyotch...but here I am- and it's MY blog, SO THERE!!!

And as a whole, I personally think that most everyone is doing effen fantastic with
the PC thus far- really. And the 20+ blogs are stellar work!!

OK: Let me just add the following afterthoughts: at the end of the day, I am just another CFer like everyone else, FAR from perfect, and still will make mistakes in my nutrition from time to time. And all of this only comes from almost 2 years of experience- which, by the way, is not NEAR as much as Coach, who still is my go-to person for my questions and concerns. OK- that's it!

din- gf burgers ahhhhhh. lettuce wrapped, with sweet onion, mustard, avocado, and bh dill pickles. red pepper, and some macs after. soooo good.


  1. Your blog post made me think: i love Ms. Sarah, even though you are a beyotch. ;) [I am totally jk-ing!]

    i love cilantro. if it helps rid the body of junk i also shall add it to my diet on the regular. cilantro goes well with salsa.

    I cannot function unless i eat enough. i don't know how anorexics do it. I cannot concentrate on any tasks -- from intellectual pondering and exercise to menial tasks. i realize that over-eating is bad, and is America's biggest nutritional/medical problem. ~pun~ Under- and overeating are equally bad in my opinion. Once in a while, of course, we lose our appetite, and sometimes our bodies genuinely want us to gorge. We need to keep in mind that food is fuel for our sacred bodies, the vehicles that take us through life. Sometimes we should indulge in a food that pleases our senses, as long as it is not harmful, or at least, TOO harmful. I fear what will happen when i eat ice cream after the challenge (i am totally getting some stone cold creamery on day 61!) however, i may feel like such shite after consuming said ice cream that i never crave it again. tis all a part of life's rich pageant.

  2. I am glad you respond to our blogs and tell us your thoughts. It is nice to know that someone is looking and supporting our efforts! The tips are helpful and appreciated. I know that we are all learning but if someone can see something and help out, that's great! I know this is a huge learning experience for me. It has really opened my eyes to what I am putting in my body as well as my children. (though I am changing their food, but in baby steps for them). It is nice that they are asking me "Mommy, is this healthy?" :o}