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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Weekend and now Monday- again. Goodbye February!

Weekend Feb 27-28
Closed out the week with 'HEAT 2' of the nasty sprint WOD at the field- it was me, MK, Mynx, Pink, Jane and TOY- a great group- but we had to use the shitty field next to the lined field- oh well, we made it work. Went over to the gym after to visit and stretch. End of a good week, tho I felt a touch of something coming forward to Saturday afternoon and the crud is coming on fairly strong now. I rarely get sick, but I wasn't skirting this one. Runny nose & eyes, headachey, sneezing, nasal drip...stayed in bed Sat night, rested as much as poss on Sunday- church, got some Vit D (the natural kind) YAY- food was all clean this weekend- and I think due to that, resting & not pushing the envelope in weekend activity...all of these things make for a better Monday monrning. Was able to heal without meds. Feeling better now, but guess who's sick in bed this mister :(

Monday March 1 (where did Feb go?)
Up with OK sleep. My left SI is tight and achey- kept me awake here and there. Just booked with Adrian for Wednesday :) :) :) Will stretch like a fiend till then, which is what I should be doing anyways....

IF today.

WOD: DL 3RM: Dialed into my warm-up, started heavys at 175-185x2. This is where Coach and I went to Plan B. Standing on plates, strip weight to 135. Objective is to cue in my legs- hams and glutes- and to lower my butt. We think this is where I breakdown. On the plates, did: 2x3@135-2x3@145-2x3@155-1@165. Pulled the plates out, so now I am back to straight up DL 3's, did one set @ 165, then got 175x2. By now I am pretty fatigued, so not too upset about missing the last one. Post WOD skills: weighted hypers, 4x8: 1x8 @ 10lbs, 3x8 @ 25lbs.

IF 17 hrs today.

meal 1- salmon, brocc/cauli, red pepper, nuts

meal 2- eggs, asparaus, nuts

Gator Club at 530 today (I am Sec). Coach Addazio comes to town on May 12. This is a huge event for the club. ugh. Koo-koo-ness on the way.

meal 3- turkey breast, bruss sprouts, brocc, walnuts, 1 sq dark choc.


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  1. oh, no. your poor wittle mister. :( I wish Paul a speedy recovery.

    i shall check out the gluten free beer alternatives. :)

    i am having SERIOUS cravings for cake. help.