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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2. Dead Cat Bounce. um....

Up with OK sleep.

WOD: 'Dead Cat Bounce': 4 rds: 1min max reps WBS @ 14, 1min max reps rope climbs, then row 500m. Each rd begins on the 6min mark. I felt the row coming on this week. My rows today were really tough for me- they were slow and super labored. Thank goodness they were not for time, but I sure needed as much rest as possible between rounds. This one is no flipping joke. Did it solo today at 6AM, which SUCKS. Got 117 WBS and 8 climbs. I am spent.

3 eggs, plum, green grapes, walnuts

my customer stood me up for lunch. A drive to Immokalee for what? I was so sleepy I could hardly focus. Back to home, it's just as well, I didn't have any new info to tell her anyway and she's a bit high maintenance. I am beat anyways.

turkey, cooked veggies, a red pepper, avocado.

turkey, nuts

2 hr nap. A gift from God, for sure.
turkey, asparagus seared in EVOO, bruss sprouts, brocc, split the last piece of dark choc with Pauly and a few walnuts

I am over the turkey today.



  1. I is scared now. :0 Thank goodness Kristin, Diane and I postponed our Tuesday pre-WOD CFE. Dead cats are no bueno.

  2. that one killed me. I can't believe you made it up the rope that many times. rock star--and my inspiration.

  3. Oh I wish I was at 6am to do Dead Cat Bounce with you... after tax season I will be hitting some 6am's since I won't have to be to work so early :)I hope Pauly is on the mend I heard he has been wicked sick :(