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Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday Everybody! 2/19/10

Up with short sleep, woke up at 230 and finally got sleepy about the time my alarm went off...ugh.

WOD: Heavy OHS: 105-115-120PR-125-130: Felt good today. Did the RWOD of 3 rds: run 800m @ 60%, then 100' of Spidey. Great to do that after Kelly yesterday. There is always a REASON why we do what we do everyday in class, believe it. Trust the process :) Coach is excellent at planning our DWOD/SWOD/RWODs intentionally!! I think my legs will thank me tomorrow (we all know that day 2 is the worst!!)

Hung out at the gym with 8AM for a bit- nice work ladies on the presses.

3 eggs, few grapes, leftover veggies, walnuts

SO GLAD its Friday :) Looking forward to tomorrow's festivities.

late lunch
turkey, brocc/cauli, avocado

din @ Outback. Not so great.
salad, filet, steamed veggies. Home to dark choc, nuts, a few green grapes :O for shame! fruit at night!!! that's a cheat, for me.