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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miss Kelly. 2/18/10

Up with good sleep. I found a great tea at the Oriental Market that really helped take me down last night. IF today.

WOD: Kelly: 5 rds: Run 400m, 30 box jumps @ 20", 30 WBS @ 14lbs. She's a stout little girl, no joke. Love, love, love getting these bad ass WODs in on a fast- sooo satisfying. 23:31. Thx Coach for the great push this am! Did it solo...will 6AM ever be like it used to be???

Cranking out some work in my office this am. My mind is racing about things way off into the Spring. At the same time I am committed to finding peace and stillness everyday- that may take a little doing. Welcome to my world- not much diff than any of yours, I would imagine...

IF 17.5 today

meal 1- gf burger, bruss sprouts, green grapes, leftover savoy, nuts. happy girl.

meal 2- eggs, brocc, red pepp, 1/2 plum, walnuts. Quite the assortment, but good!

mahi, brocc, zucch, little red pepp, avocado, daaaark choc.



  1. You're amazing - Miss Kelly kicked my you know what - I want to be like you when I grow up!

  2. "I am committed to finding peace and stillness everyday".....Wow girl, that is what is missing! I once had a professor who insisted that a mere 15 minutes a day of meditation provided that essential grounding. I'm thinking that's not such a bad idea.

    I don't get to do Kelly today, rest day. Gosh, I'm gonna miss the WBS! You kicked some serious butt!

  3. I'm totally with you on the peace and stillness!

  4. We all need to stop and appreciate the moment much more often. Most people are not even aware of this, makes you one step ahead as always! Will I see you Sat or Sun this weekend?