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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wed Feb 17

Up early at 410.
gf beef and nuts

WOD: Presses 5x5: 85-90x2-90x1-85-85-85-85x3. So I did that last set to get more reps in at 85 which is my current 5RM, got 3 sets @ 85 last time, so wanted to get more in this time. Could not make 90x5 happen today. Total reps @85=18, 3@90lbs.

gf beef, grapes, plum, walnuts. Switching it up for once.

lunch @ Beef's: 'Big Catch Salad': salad with some kind of 'whitefish' that was oversalted/seasoned. Vinegar. A taste of the oil which I didn't find to be EVOO. Not impressed. Added some raw veggies and pecans on the road.

gf beef, walnuts

salmon, savoy cabbage, few walnuts, red pepper


  1. Dang shoulder press girl...Super strong!

  2. Why you want to slam your old mans cloths.