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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Triple Tuesday Feb 16

Up with good sleep. Will be focused on that from here out.

IF today.

WOD: 'Milk was a Bad Choice': 4 rds: 5 HPC + jerk @ 100, 15 burpees, run 200m. Wow what a triple. Had to break up my hangs somewheres along round 3. They weren't the prettiest, but they were there. Wore my DoWins~ I really wanted them for the cleans, but my runs suffered a bit, I am sure. Glad that one is behind me. Played around with MK and SMike a bit with some DUs after.

To the 8AM CREW: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME, really doing GREAT with the PC!! ...but your CDs are suspect, at best. :O bahaha. little joke there. don't send me hate posts.

Going back in this AM to help with/shadow a new client demo WOD. Good stuff.

IF 17hrs today.

meal 1- t burg plus pauly's yolk (wtf, baby?), brocc/cauli mix, baked eggplant w/ walnuts mixed in (personal fav).
4-2-10 good one. feel so full and content right now :):):)

hb eggs, red pepper, walnuts

looking forward to gf burgers tonight! and, you should see the get up my husband is wearing to the gym tonight. 6&7PM are in for a treat. He's blaming it on the fact that both pairs of his long gym pants are in the laundry. He's a Florida boy, so hencely- does not do well with cooler temps. Priceless.


  1. Hey girl! Nice work this morning solo. Sorry sis. Tomorrow and Thursday I'm on with wod's so hopefully we can swing one together. Soon all will be back to normal at the Markle house...this too shall pass!! Love ya!

  2. Thanks for all the support you've been giving me. I don't think I will be running this weekend, but will plan on doing the next one. By the way...your husband totally rocked that outfit tonight. Diane and I had to giggle just a little.