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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday again?! a not so bad start to the day...

Up with good sleep, even tho Peanut Markle (the rock star kitty cat) came a callin' at 419AM...
1-0-6 egg, walnuts

Usually a fast day for me, but I had 1RM Squats today, and in my mind, I wanted to eat! I'll fast another day- I get to make that call :)

WOD: BSquats 1-1-1-1-1: Kept my w/u simple, started heavys at: 155-165-175f-175-180PR-185fail. Despite the fact that 185 used to be my 1RM, 175 is my newer one (11/30/09) and I am happy to have passed that today. Coach helped me see that these have become a total head game for me lately, and I think I already knew that. After I failed the first 175, I cleared my head and tried again, taking more time to feel the descent. I am interested to see what my bw was @ the old 185 1RM, daily food blks, etc. Will try to find that in 1.5yrs worth of blogs! Thank you Kate for the well wishes!

just had my apple, will have protein and fat in a few.
turkey, nuts

feeling a bit hungry today. about to have some cucumber (11AM)

turkey, asparagus, brocc, cucumber, olives

snack of egg, walnuts

salmon, brocc/cauli mix, asparagus, few nuts



  1. YEAH GIRL!!! Nice PR on the back squat you go momma. 185's days are numbered now sister. Thanks for the massage it was fantastic and much needed. Are we still planning on breakfast by the curb tomorrow am?

  2. re cookies:

    I also beat the whites by hand, so that's not the issue.

    When finished combining all required ingredients, the "cookie dough" is rather soupy, so I fold in more coconut until it's thick enough to sit on the parchment paper without running. even then you may have to trim off the gummy edges when finished baking. you also can try putting in less honey, and/or putting in blended walnut. i added some blended walnut after running out of coconut and a little cinnamon to the batch i made for kate. they were Deee-licious!

    it was the consistency before I folded in extra coco. Too runny, so I kept folding ot firm up. As they baked, they were forming up into cookies, but with little puddles of gummyness around them...taste good, but not the same as!

  3. Miss Kitty...good job on your squats first off. Bright side is head games means its not a strength issue :)

    No curb-side breakfast for me in the AM. I have to get up early to study while I am fresh and then put some hours in at the library before work. Test on Wednesday. Count me in next week though!!