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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Weekend Feb 13-14 LOVE

So how do you get the little heart icon to come up like people do on fB?

We have company this weekend, it's my oldest friend from home and her husband- they live in Williston. They are here to launch their invention, the 'Sprinkler Buddy' at a home&garden Expo in the Cape, and also at the Cape Lowe's. Exciting stuff, if you like lawns, sprinklers and the like.

no gym this am due partly to company, partly a 9AM appt that came up for me Friday afternoon. I didn't really need a WOD today, I just like to be there with everyone.

breakfast after a short fast-

eggs, apple, little brocc, nuts

Planning on staying warm today with a movie and then making a batch of Jane's cookies for my sweet boy for Lovey-Dovey Day. heart heart. (how do you get the heart?)

t burg, red pepp, brocc, 1/2 lara bar with pauly (pecan pie), avocado

made the cookies, but they didn't exactly turn out like Jane's...I think I may have folded in too much extra coconut? and maybe did not whip the whites enough? He is eating them, nonetheless- sweet boy- he never complains!

turk breast on grill, grilled eggplant, asparagus, few walnuts

SUNDAY Feb 14- Happy V Day!

Food was pretty clean, with a few cheats to celebrate the occasion. Paul and I went to see Avatar- it was good, effects were very cool- altho I did take a small siesta ;O....I am not much for the theater experience, but we wanted to see this one in IMAX. Had a larabar in the movie.

My cheats were a glass of red wine @ Vapiano, and a salad which came dressed even tho I asked for vinegar only, and had cheese- fresh parm and mozz shavings- it was delicious. Dinner was sashimi @ Oragami and home to dark choc and nuts :)


  1. ususally when you do <3 that makes it...but I THINK you can cut and paste it...♥ (this web site) ஐ


    oopsie this site..

  3. Pepita's are hulled pumpkin seeds. They are yummy! I have all kinds of foodie secrets up my sleeve...♥

  4. awwww. i'm glad you made the cookies for Paul. i made a batch today. i didn't have any remaining coconut for folding, so i added blended walnuts and a little cinnamon. they tasted great! was it the consistency or the taste that seemed off? perhaps i can help diagnose the problem.

    thank you for all of your lovely words of support. i know it's silly to get so upset about a cold, but i LOATHE being incapacitated. i actually look forward to crossfit now, and don't like missing a day. i think i've become an addict. ♥