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Friday, February 12, 2010

FRIDAY and I am none too happy :)

It is Friday people! Thank goodness :) :)

Up without the alarm, was trying to sleep in, but those days are over for me, me thnx. I think it comes with age.

WOD: Heavy TGUs: I didn't have much in the tank today for these. Was wanting to PR @ 70 but that was not happening, I realized pretty early. TGUs with the bar are fracking tough for me. bar-55-60x1-60-60-65x1. The last set I got to the second side and was on my way back down, and had to grab, so pretty much a fail. Not every day is a PR, right? I know this to be true, but it still sucks. Added 100 GHD sit ups.

breakfast: 3 eggs, pear apple, walnuts. Little bit on the hungry side this morning.

Going back in @ 5PM to help out with a new client demo WOD. Looking forward to it :)

lunch- t burg, red pepp, cuke, avocado

finished the cuke salad and avocado from lunch, few nuts

chicken, brocc, avocado, walnuts


Hey, in case anyone is interested, that little Oriental Market right around the corner from the gym is awesome. I don't know much about Oriental 'stuff' other than oolong tea at the moment, but I could walk around in there for hours. Very cool.

Night night termites. HAPPY FRIDAY. Not sure if we'll make it in to the gym in the am, we both have had a few things pop up...

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  1. A 100 GHD sit-ups... damn girl. You will have ripped abs in no time! (if you don't already have them) I want to look like the girl on 2FO's blog.