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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Up with pretty good sleep, still a tad short @ ~6.5hrs. Am looking to catch up on a few zzz's...may go in at 7AM tomorrow.

IF today.

WOD: Snatch Complex (don't get one of those ;)): 3 Power snatch, 3 snatch pulls, 3 power snatch: 53-63-63-73-73. I could tell that the last few of my 73's were not as clean, def was feeling some fatigue, but happy with my weights. SHOUT OUT to MK for a new BSquat 5RM PR and for DLing some heavy today. STRONG, girl. You got this, mama.

total of 3c. coffee- that's it for me. Now having a spot o' oolong tea.

Happiness comes to me today because...well, just because. But also, it's almost Friday, I know what my WOD is for tomorrow, and I don't have to go to Bradenton today and be in vegetable fields in the cold weather- my customer rescheduled with me today due to the cold temps last night. Nice for kitty. Also, I get to have my first meal at home today, which may sound a tad strange, but when I IF, I like for my first meal to be solid and clean. I might be a tad rotten~ ooopseys... ;)

IF almost 17 today.

meal 1- 'Taco Salad Something Else'- got to clean up some leftovers- gf beef, lettuce, red pepp, olives, avocado, brocc, fresh lime & chili pwdr. Sooo good.

meal 2- gf beef, mixed veggies, walnuts, macs

CFE tonight: 20min SC TT: 2.63mi, avg pace 7:36.

meal 3- salmon, bruss sprouts, red sauce (crushed tomatoes), mushrooms, dark choc and nuts



  1. Great work this morning girl! Thanks for the love and it was good to see you :)

  2. Are you going to make paleo cookies for Paul this weekend? :D

  3. Ya Sarah are going to make paleo cookies for your man, or brownies. Thanks baby!