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Friday, February 5, 2010


Just got home, 230PM. aaahhhhh...

up early this am to get on the road. IF today.

hb eggs, red pepper, brocc, apple, avocado, nuts. hungry!
4-4-16- this over the course of several hours, but a big one nonetheless. :)

Going in later for the WOD. Soooo glad to be back. Nothing like a week away from home to make you appreciate everything! Happy Friday peeps!

Holy crap that WOD sucked. ABOMB: YOU DA BOMB. you smoked it girl, but you already knew that! ;) DLs @ 155. Got 6 + 2/3 rds.

lettuce wrapped chicken tacos for din tonight. get in my belly......


  1. LOL. Get in my bell-ay!!

    Glad you're back, Ms. Sarah. Will see you on Sunday w/ paleo bells on. :)

  2. regarding your (?) "@OCD&Detail: do tell...." me thinks you should ask your husband. hint: his nickname should be crash.