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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thurs Feb 4. almost home :)

Slept till 6, but went down at 10.

100 d/u's for time: 2:23
50 burpees, not for time ;0
1 mi 'sprint' 8:07. Not so much of a sprint.

3 eggs, pear-apple, avocado

snack, egg&nuts

big salad with chicken, bit of salsa, added nuts

I have learned this week that my company, Valent USA, is the world leader in biorational (read: biological, organic, OMRI approved- Organic Materials Review Institute) products for farmers. snap. :)

din- salad with a bit of balsamic, steamed shrimp, few carrots, handful nuts when I got back to my 'house'. Looking forward to coming home tomorrow.


  1. Mostly, its kind of like my PR today. I hit a PR but it could have been better. We had three good targets that were 50/50 and didn't get any of them.

    The gators had the most ridiculous call of all time... I almost wonder if Urbs made up all this time off mumbo-jumbo just to give himself a challenge!

  2. I am curious now, what exactly is Gator Sauce?

    Looking forward to some hang time Sunday!