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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Feb 3. Signing Day and halfway thru my meeting :)

Up around 5 today. Did a run, about 21:00....did not have the time or patience to wait for my Garmin to load the maps, so no dist component today...2.5-3mi.

breakfast- 3 hb eggs, pear-apple which a co-worker tells me is really just an ornamental pear, nuts

Half day of recreation today, mine is a hot stone massage at 130. Cannot wait.


deli meat (not paleo, but best I could do today- we got box lunches for the day), hb egg, red pepper, brocc, walnuts

egg, few nuts

so dinner tonight was a low country boil. I pulled a few shrimp out and had them atop a spinach salad with cukes and avocado. Fresh lemon and Mrs. Dash. Not sure of blocks.

One more day of meetings and then I am headed to the 239 people.


  1. Good luck with Elam!

    Who do you think will get more poached Tennessee recruits, you or us? We picked up the Tenn RB coach before the whole mess up there happened so I am hoping that will help.

    Next year has me a little worried, Skip Holtz is going to make Florida even harder to recruit!

  2. Hahaha, well so far you are winning 1-0!

  3. Miss you too my friend so hurry home! But drive careful :)