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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Feb 2

Up around 5 here in HH, woke up to rain. Plan B.

Did some BW stuff with the hopes of getting a run in later...
80 push ups, 160 sit ups, 150 squats.

eggs, little turkey, pear apple, nuts, lots of hot tea...

gotta go, meeting is starting. btw, when I got to the meeting room today, breakfast: scrambled eggs (paleo, yes, but I am sure LOADED with butter), bacon, sausage, pancakes, bisquits, gravy, danishes, and yes, fruit. I grabbed a few raspberries.

lunch: chicken, lettuce, tomato, nuts. This is what I built for lunch since it was: every type of unidentifiable salad made with mayo, deviled eggs, mac & cheese, hot dogs, burgers, tater tots, cheese, you get the picture...there was grilled chicken also, so I took one of those and stole most of the garnish/sandwich fixings and made a salad.

SO there is a lovely gym here, and they even 'have full time trainers to help you reach your fitness goals'....which sounds intriguing! However, the 'gym' opens at 7AM, which is when my meetings start everyday...soooo...

snack time in the meeting room: some kind of chocolate granola bars, 2 kinds of trail mix, one w/ m&m's, peanut butter, apples, pears....I had a 'cheat' for me and had a few slices of granny smith with some nuts from my stash...I usually don't go with fruit this late in the day-but am hungry and decided not to deprive myself this treat.

So dinner tonight is at a restaraunt called Charlie's L'Etoil Verte....should be a Paleo nightmare....

OK: I was wrong about Charlie's. it was a fantastic little place.

few bites of smoked salmon, small salad w/ light vinagarette, grilled trigger fish with pesto on side, dbl veggies. And for the record: it was really hard for me to refrain from dessert as most others around me enjoyed them...all homemade, too...

I miss my husband, and my peeps at the gym....ready for bed.


  1. FYI - crushed tomatoes on the broccoli was a great addition, thanks for the idea! Told MK you gals will have to talk me into a Tues morn WOD, only day I don't have to run off early. We can picnic then!

  2. Yes! Tuesday wod and b-fast sounds wonderful!!

  3. Ya baby miss you too.You sure do talk about the stuff everyone else had to eat. Miss it.

  4. you are so disciplined -- go Sarah!!!