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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mon Feb 1

Up waaaay early- 330. Went in at 5 today.

Power Cleans 120-125-130-135-135. I was glad to get some lifting in today- my only day of weights since I am out of town all week for a sales meeting. Then some planks- rings and stab ball. YEAH ADRIAN :):) :)

Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island. It is beautiful here, I love it- but this trip is a chilly one.

IF today. about 17 hrs..

chicken, some brocc, red pepper. @ Chilis, so did not add any fat.

little bit of turkey upon arrival, few nuts (and yes, of course I packed a cooler of clean food)

6oz filet, steamed bruss sprouts. So din was here at the resort, food was very good, but I had to laugh because I ordered a double order of sprouts, they were nice and clean- but there were 10. now back in my lovely villa and eating broccoli. This makes me happy, strangely enough. I am a weirdo. At least I own that shit.

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