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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Feb 8

Pretty happy there were no am classes today. Thank you Coach.

IF today....for a looong time.......ugh.

THANK YOU to all who attended and brought fabulous paleo dishes. Jane, your cookies were smashing. Talk later. Little slow this am, and I only had two small cf drinks :)

Fasted all day. Really did not feel like eating. By the time 4PM approached, I was headed into the gym to get my WOD done before WIll's 101, and I took a meal to have post WOD.

WOD: run 400, rest 2:1. repeat. then 50 WBS for time, rest 1:1. Run 2 more 400m, same drill. FOUL if you go +/- 3 sec. 1:22; 1:21; 1:36; 1:22; 1:21.

turkey on a big salad, little cider vin and fresh lime. Added macs and walnuts.

home to eat more. yay me.

hb egg, nuts

salmon, egg, brocc, cauli, avocado, few walnuts

10-3-27 little down for the day. I am OK with that this time, but I hope it doesn't affect my strength work tomorrow.

I think last night was fantastic~ I appreciate everyone's fabulous sides. I think it was also a great example of 'just because it's Paleo, does not give one (read: me) the proverbial green light to eat until the cows come home...i.e. A LOT' :)