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Friday, April 23, 2010

FRIDAY!! April 23 :) :) :)

Up with good sleep. Fell asleep before the boy got to Denver ;)

WOD: Random Squats: Front Squats: 5x3 150-155x2-150-150-150. Added 50 GHDs. Totally overlooked the presses. Think I am going back in for those.

eggs, apple, walnuts, coconut

salmon, greens salad w. lemon & evoo, cuke, avocado, walnuts, few olives

egg, nuts

went back in @ 5PM for presses. 5x85, 4x90, 5x85, 3x90

din- lettuce wrapped bison burgers with fixings. choc & ab for dessert.

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  1. No worries girl. I know I will feel your good luck vibes from miles away! You have always been my #1 supporter. Lv u!!