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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday. Rain. April 26

A great weekend, food was clean except for the one piece of Unagi Lover Saturday night. ;O SHOUT OUT to all of SWFEndurance Team for smashing the 5K Saturday! Nice work to all!

Up with good sleep. IF today.

WOD: gymnastics skills, planned on muscle up work. Silently wanted to do cleans via the DWOD...Coach was working with a new client in the back room, so I stayed up front and did cleans!! :) (because I can, I guess) warmed up @ 85, 95 then did 6 @ 115, 5 @ 125. Didn't follow the progression like I should have, but got reps in. Love being in there lifting with MK and Jim :) Also great to be beside Kate today :) :) :)
Then 100 pushups AQAP: 6:34

IF 18 today.

salmon, salad w/ evoo and a pepper, walnuts

mahi, brocc&cauli, nuts, olives

tillapia, egg, brocc, evoo, nuts


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