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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday with Helen

Up with spotty sleep.

WOD: Helen: 3 rds: run 400, 21 KBS, 12 pulls. So last time (12/31/09) I did this was 10:15 @ 24K. It's hard to justify backing up. Got to do it beside my girl- just like on 12/31- so that made it easier to swallow. Kate, this is a tough WOD to swallow.
So def no PR today (I don't seem to be in a PR mode currently ;)). Got her done in 11:04 today, and for the record, the 24K bell sucks. Then 100 w. sits with the 25lb plate.

Stayed at the gym to help with a 8AM demo.

Home to breakfast, starving. Eggs, brocc, walnuts

My traps are screaming and it's Tuesday :O

lunch- scoop of egg salad. YIKES. But it was good, at least! holy smoke it's a cheat and I didn't even flinch. I am still having Pizza Fusion in the very near future.

din- yummers- salmon, asparagus, brocc, evoo, walnuts, dark choc & ab. a winner!

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  1. Girl you have come a long way. So proud of you for the egg salad :) Eggs=protein=strong kitty!!