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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday April 13

Up with good sleep. just a few nuts this am.

WOD: OHS 5x2 @ 90% 1rm (130)= 115. These felt good today, despite the third set that I dropped the bar (lost my head). I made it up in the end. Went on to do the Quickie- AMRAP 7min: start with 1 WBS @ 14, 1 jumping ring pull up. Then 2&2, 3&3, and so on. Got 13rds plus 4 WBS.

Home to breakfast with the mister. eggs, half apple, brocc, nuts

lunch @ Lazanos- salad with beef and salsa, some guac. Home to a few nuts @ 2PM.

egg, macs

salmon, greens salad w. lime, evoo, sea salt. Few nuts and 1.5 sq dark choc w. a bit of ab. great meal-simple.

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  1. I saw your car in the parking lot tonight and got happy, YOU and MK there night-side...hmmm?? Then I realized, only MK and JUST Paul :) :)