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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday!! Yippee! April 9 and Devo

Up with good sleep. IF today.

WOD: 'Devo': AMRAP 15: 1 rd = 1 HPC @ 85, 1 HSPU, 2 HPC & 2 HSPU, 3 & 3. Got 5 rds plus 3 HPC I think. Thanks to Coach and MK for the great push this am.

Went back in at 9AM to help Coach out with class while he did On Ramp. Good times. Got to coach JP and Pink through Devo. Good work, both of you! Going back in tonight for the Games meeting after 6PM.

IF almost 16hrs today.

egg, salmon, a red pepper, lil bit of bruss sprouts, some brocc, nuts
4-2thats a stretch-13

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