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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Hallelujah 4.8

Up with short sleep. Went in at 5 today due to work stuff. Not a good day to IF, so I will do that tomorrow.

WOD: B. Squats 5x2 @ 90% 1RM (180): 165-165-165-165-165. Felt good. Then benches: 5x5 @ 93% 5RM (120): 115x3-105-110-115-115. That first set was a breathing issue, got it toether for the rest, albeit the 105 that was really a mistake in my math!

Food has been intuitive today:

tillapia, few strawberries, nuts

blackened flounder on a salad

egg and nuts, a red pepper and cucumber

dinner: Changs tonight with business folk. Plan on getting the steamed salmon.

I am tired today.

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