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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday. aaahhhh

Up with good sleep. What a difference that makes!

WOD: DLs 5RM. Wanted to be smart about my warmup. Minimal reps @ 95, 135, 165. 5RM @ 185 today. Still having some issues with rounded back, but felt pretty good. We worked on this today, and did 16 more reps @ 185. Coach made me feel great by telling me that if 185 were truly my 5RM I wouldn't have been able to get 16 more, so we feel like I am stronger than the 185. Then on to some chain work with my squats. LOVED THIS. on the minute, started with 2x105, 2x105, then added small chains for 2x135/120, 2x135/120, then heavys for 2x150/127.5, 2x150/127.5, then stripped chains for 6x105. We accidentally got a heavy heavy in there for 180, but all is well! That's my 1RM and I got it no problem. Cool stuff.

eggs, apple, nuts, coconut

salmon, greens w/ evoo, brocc, few walnuts

egg, walnuts

great day today. Just got my hair cut and it is short! I think I love it...?!?!?!

halibut, brocc, yummy greens salad w/ lemon and evoo, few walnuts, 1 sq dark choc & ab.

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