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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday! Love it :) July 15

Up at 430. Looking for a nap already.

egg, macs

WOD: 4 rds: run 400, row 500. Metcon Thursday! Drenched. Was feeling beat on the drive home!

home to eat with Pauly :)
eggs, watermelon (finsihed!), few macs (also finished)...I don't seem to want to repeat eat, these days on some there is a bowl of leftover broccoli in the fridge that has been in there for about 4 days now....ugh. Not appealing.

t burger w mustard, pickle. added red pepper, avocado. a personal fav.

2 eggys @ 430PM

din @ Jason's Deli- salad bar with 2 hb eggs.


  1. thank you for the wonderful compliments, miss lady. i love the new blog -- is so visually uplifting! :)

  2. Broccoli leftover past 2 days just seems nasty.

    Congrats on that mighty big Tarpon. I hate to sound stuupid (as OCD says) but do you eat them, stuff them, or let them go?