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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday! YAY. July 1

Up waaay too early for at least the second time this week. I go down fine usually, but when I get up to pee at say 3ish...I cannot go back to sleep. Last night was a bit late due to SATC being on HBO ;) poor Pauly.....

eggy and walnuts this am before gym. AND finished wrapping presents and hung the birthday banner up for the birthday boy! FUN!! :) :) :)

DE Squats today- 10x2 @ 100lbs + chains on the :30 and 16" box. Felt good. Added 105 weighted GHD hypers with the 10lb plate. Decided to give my abs a rest since young Mr. Joshua worked on them pretty good yesterday.

Home to eat break and have a little celebration with you-know-who :)
eggys, few nuts, coconut. Adding some baked yellow squash after.

salmon, asparagus w. evoo, added walnuts and coconut.

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