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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday with Mr. Joshua. June 30.

Up with right at 8hrs of sleep. NICE!!

Today is GPP day for me (every Wed) so I chose into doing Mr. Joshua since we are out of town this weekend for the holiday. We leave Friday for the Jersey Shore- Stone Harbor, NJ. Small town USA~ we love it there~ our second fav beach!

5 rds: run 400m, 30 GHD sits, 15 DLs @ 165. My goal was to keep it sub 30- finished 29:11. My consensus: after 6 weeks of Westside Barbell, I was able to get 75 deads @ 165 (one of my weaker lifts) and keep it sub 30. This is a personal victory and I will take it. I did use my belt- I felt like I needed the extra support, and really, it didn't slow me down that much.

treated myself to fruit today :)
eggs, 1/2 apple, avocado, few nuts

Big day of errands- tomorrow, Pauly turns 40!! So need to pick up a few things for him :) :) :)

salmon, cuke and a red pepper, macs

egg, nuts for snack

dinner at Bonefish with Pauly's dad for his salad, grilled grouper , steamed brocc.

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  1. Way to set the bar for Joshua!!! Nice work Sarah :)