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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're home. July 7

Had a great trip to the Shore- sun and family trumped all weekend. It is always good to get home, though. Paul and I slept in a double bed while there- enough said. ;) Food was clean- I did indulge in some fruit, mostly at breakfast- was craving oranges, and Jan (Paul's aunt) had picked NJ blueberries, so..... :)

Went in last night for DE benches. Alternating grip, no chains. 90lbs ATB. Then bypassed skills work to play on the rings, practicing MUs with Lindsay and Sarina. I am almost there- (I think?) ...the closest I have been thus far. Kept inching the rings up until I had to jump up from standing. No guarantees that I could do that again!

This am: snack of egg and walnuts.
About 1-0-6

Today went in at 6AM for GPP day. Kept it real with some box work, squats, and dips. 30-20-10.....sub 16. Nice and muggy today!

Home to breakfast
eggs, leftover veggies, coconut- few walnuts

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