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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Up at 320AM. Ugh.

eggy, walnuts

Went in to do some DE squat work- caught the tail end of 5AMdoing their WOD today which looked like a narsty little bey-otch...

10x2 @ 125 on the :45ish....12" box, no chains today. Then did WOD of 15-12-9-6-3 PP @ 65 and push ups. 7:32 I think.

Home to eat :)
eggs, cuke, watermelon, coconut, few more walnuts

Got a tire replaced on my vehicle and then had it serviced and tires rotated. Looking forward to the weekend, we leave for Boca Grande tomorrow after work to hang with some friends- one of my girlfriends turned 40, so.....

salmon, brocc, olives, few bites of coconut. loving the coconut.

mid afternoon snack of cold watermelon. yes, I said afternoon!!! such a treat!!

gf burgers for din, and 100% french with ab for dessert.

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