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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday August 30 Post Tucker. No, I did not get them.

Up at 330, then back down till 7AM.

eggs and avocado

Got home last night about 8PM from a great weekend in Tampa at the CF Gymnastics Cert. Me, Shannon, and Adrian were under Coach Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi's tutelage from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. What did we learn, you ask? How was it? Well, let's see...the first day consisted of lecture and ring work and positions that I never thought would be possible for my body, as well as learning how to spot those moves. The spotting was as hard for me as the moves themselves. Ball ups, inverted uprights, back and front levers, skin the cats, planches...probably missed a few. Day 2 started with the MU progression, which even though we have worked on these at our box, I still need WORK. Mastering a DEEP ring dip is the definite precursor to the STRICT muscle up. The STRICT muscle up is the precursor to the kipping muscle up....yeah, I still have a ways to go. To be honest, we didn't spend that much time working on the progression, so it looks like I will be working on these at the box. Then to pull ups- bottom line, mine suck, always have. I have been performing incorrect pull ups since day one- I have been feeling that they were inefficient for a while now, and now I see why. I get to re-wire my brain, back up, and try again. Sunday also taught iron crosses, handstands, parallettes, L-sits, V-sits, and shoot throughs on the parallettes...all in all, I loved the cert. Tucker is top notch and basically does not give a damn~ that man is a hoot~ and Jeannie is one incredible gymnast. STRONG.

Took the morning off from the gym to rest. May go in tonight.

lunch- salmon, asparagus, few nibs of ab

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