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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy Monday August 23

Another great weekend with my husband :) And, in case you'd like to know- one of my all time most favorite things to put in my belly- evoo roasted brussell sprouts with marinara...a treat for din last night! SO GOOD!

Wow at the rain this morning. Up at 5AM (went down late due to reading book that is finally getting good). egg, avocado. I really do not care for the green 'Slim Cado'...all they had that was ripe. Not again- that's it.

WOD: 'Gabrielle': 21-15-9: OHS @ 65, curb push ups, 20" box jumps. 12:57. Totally used the dynamax ball for my butt today.

Soooo, I am 12 weeks tomorrow!!! YAY :) Paul and I feel so blessed to have reached this milestone- we do not take it for granted. Little monkey is as long as a lime and if it's a boy he starts to produce testosterone this week, fingernails, organs are being made full steam, ears move to the final position...lots of stuff going on in there. I have had a wonderful pregnancy thus far and expect that to continue. LOVE the pic from the main site of the girl @ 30weeks doing squats with chains. ALL ME in due time. I feel like I'd like to get to 16wks before upping any weights...we'll see how that goes!

Home to eat-
3 eggs, handful of blueberries, leftover brocc&cauli, walnuts.

lunch with Pauly- lettuce wrapped t burger with onion, red pepper, pepperocini, avocado, mustard. Added some apple and ab. Treat :)

salmon and spinach for din before preggo yoga.

90% and ab

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