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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello Friday!! :) August 20

Up at 430.

1/2 banana w ab, 1/2 cup coffee. What a treat!!

WOD: 3 rds: 5 rope climbs, 15 dips, 25 squats. The Rxd ropes here were pretty scaled, calling for starting on the ground and climbing the rope to standing position....I am sure that if I were further along into the 2nd or 3rd tri this would be all I needed...but, I felt like I could step it up today, but was going to listen to the bod as I went. This is what I did: 3 rds: 4 rope climbs, 2 straight, 2 knotted; 15 parallette dips (I did 6 ring dips the first rd), and 25 squats. Took me about 24:50.

Home to eat: 4 eggs, 1/2 banana & blueberries w. cinn, coffee. Yes, that's a whole banana in one day. I claim pregnancy. It was a small banana ;) I will add fat in later.

Feeling great. I feel so blessed to be in this place and my goal is to appreciate and enjoy everyday of this pregnancy.

lunch- t burg, salad w. lemon and evoo, red pepper, few walnuts

egg, nuts

Din din at Changs tonight with the boy(s)!!! ;) ;) ;) We called it 'Date Night'~ I told Paul I wasn't sure if I was ready to call it that, just yet, he said he's really OK with it. Crazy- married two years, baby not here yet, and we're doing date nights.

about 4 sips of Pauly's Red Bridge (I would kill for a cold beer these days), gf lettuce wraps, cup of egg drop, gf beef & brocc (good, but too much sauce- had to drain!), and we split one of those little cups of dessert, a gf choc mousse. Home to 90% and ab, ALSO. :)

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