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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday August 25

Up at 4AM.

2 eggs & past butter

WOD: 'Anjolie': 5 rds: 10 lunges (L&R), 10 DB HPC @ 25's, 10 dips (parallette on stability ball).
14:35. Dips were too easy, I will use GHD next time. As much as I wish I could say I can kill ring dips, quite frankly, they are pretty tough for me these days. Maybe it's the extra 15lbs? Whatever the reason, I can do them in singles only, and I was not (am not) up to turning a 15 minute WOD into a 35 minute WOD- plus, we've got our gymnastics cert this weekend and I do not want to be wrecked.

3 eggs, zucchini, evoo

salad bar at Ruby's for lunch.

home to 3 eggs and few walnuts

din- rabbit, spinach. 90% and ab.

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