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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1!! College Ball Tomorrow Night :)

Up at 4AM. I needed to train at 5AM today, I have an early start for work. I went into the gym forgetting that Wed hours are changed. Came back home and did the WOD on my patio. We have the shitty bar, and today I was most thankful!

Few strawberries and grapes this am.

WOD: 15 min: 5 thrusters, 7 SDLHP, 10 HPC. Rxd weight was 55, I did it at 45. Two things: my grip suffered on this one, looks like it is getting weak...and I got a bit crampy during the WOD, had to slow down. Got 6 rds. Walked 800m. It was beautiful this am- breezy and do I dare say felt like Fall- but that's a dirty rotten trick...I know better.

eggplant, and a few walnuts. Have a 730 at Cracker Barrel, so planning on a few eggys there.

Some folks from my company are in town for a video shoot today. This is kind of a big deal, as it is driven by an initiative that is paramount to my company- the use of our biorational (biological) products. I am hoping that I am not expected to be in the video with my grower, being 13 wks preggo...the last thing I need is another 10lbs added by the camera!! ;)

Video went great!

lunch at Ave Maria- salad with flounder. home to 2 eggs, celery and ab

had a run in with some peanut butter.

did the CFE with Pauly 8x200m @ 3:00. Consider it a strong jog, about 2/3 of the way, then walked the end.

din at Jason's- salad bar. Home to 90% and ab.

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