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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7...What a great weekend

Up at 5AM.

egg, walnuts

WOD: 4 rds: row 250m, 10 front squats @ 65, 15 KTE, 20 step ups @ 20". Took me 24:22. Good one. Felt good to squat- even at only 65lbs, it was all I wanted.

3 eggs, a red pepper and few bites of veggies, walnuts

We had a great weekend- dinner at Chang's Friday, CFE Sat AM- 16x 20:10, football all day and night. Gator game sucked....and I was completely sober for it- try THAT. Sunday, the sun still came up, amazing...the wonderful usual- church and rest, plus we got to see Kate's new digs (beautiful) and we hosted a birthday party with friends, good times...Monday, went to the pool for CFE- 20x25m with 1:00 rest; then treated ourselves to plates from Play it Again Sports....a bit more football, bought a dining table off Craigslist locally, got to see MK's new digs (GREAT pad) and then some bar work on the patio: Paul did the daily WOD from 70s Big and I made one up- 10 min AMRAP of 3 Press, PP, PJ @ 65 and 10 squats....not to mention we tried several new recipes this weekend, they were all fantastic. I am loving Everyday Paleo!!! Great food, football, and my mister :) ...and the best part, a little peanut bouncing around in there! BIG :) I'll give the 14wk update in a bit for those of you sitting on the edge of your seats.

Fruit report:

He is about he size of a lemon~ 3.5" long, weighs about 1.5 oz. He is making facial expressions, is peeing, and possibly (?) sucking his thumb (of course he IS sucking his thumb, this child is going to be highly evolved, I have been told ;)) His little hands and feet are about a 1/2" long now! If we end up being correct on the sex of this child, I will have a story to tell. If we are mistaken (50% chance, yes?), then God definitely has a sense of humor!!!...and we will love love love a little girl.

lunch- salmon, eggplant, avocado.

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  1. So happy for you girl. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Next time you hit the pool let me know, I'd love to get my swim on!!