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Friday, September 3, 2010


Up at....early. There will be nappage today.

grapes, 2 eggs.

Went in at 5AM.

WOD: 'Tanner': 4 rds: row 500m, 15 WBS @ 14k, 15 good mornings @ 45, 15 squats. 25:27. No joke, with the rows. NOTE TO SELF: 'The pregnant body is very different from an athletic body' (per Andrea @ CFMom)'s all I can do to keep a 2:03-2:05 split time these days...

Hung around to watch a bit of 6AM with MK.

3 eggs, strawberries & raspberries, few nibs of pb. Gotta finish the jar ;) it's almost done.

Holy smoke am I all kookoo today! It's Friday of a holiday weekend, it's the day before the GATORS kick off their season, we have date night tonight, I am 13 wks and feeling great, I am running on 4 hrs sleep so a bit get it- you dig it.

Have to share my din from last night, and now leftovers for lunch today: In case you don't know, Everyday Paleo has some smack daddy recipes and I made the shrimp salad on 'flying saucers' last night for din- Deeee-licious. Had leftovers for lunch.


  1. Already an UPSET and the weekend hasn't even started!!! I LOVE CFB!

  2. I was wondering why you were in so early!!Yes a nap is in order chica. Good job today and thanks for hanging out....miss that. Give me a call this weekend when you want the boxes!!