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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They call it....Placenta Head.

AGAIN I needed to train at 5AM for an early work day and AGAIN I drove to the gym to see darkness.  So AGAIN I did my WOD on the pavers. :)  They call it placenta head.

WOD: 'Cam': 30-20-10: ring rows, push ups, GM's @ 45 bar.  I subbed KB SDLHP's (45lb) for the rows.  Took me 15:45.

I made some coconut pudding last night, may have to try that as a bit of PWOD nutrition today.  I have a 7:45 at  the Cracker Barrel then it's off to the Ritz for the Tomato Meeting.  I get 3 poached eggs, turkey sausage, and sliced tomatoes at CB. Pretty dang good.

Lunch at Changs: ginger chicken with brocc.  Easy on the sauce- chef tends to overdo it.

Home to 2 eggs, celery and ab, macs.

Did CFE with Pauly. 9 minute effort all out.  My all out is not what is used to be.

Din: GF lamb chops, brocc.  90% and ab.

Early to bed.


  1. You are becoming master chef!! You'll have to share some of your favorites with me:)

  2. coconut pudding!?!?! sounds delish