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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday already September 9. I hope Favre gets crushed tonight.

Why the hate? I don't know, really....I am just OVER him.  Go Saints!  A buddy of mine named his fantasy team 'Do Me a Favre and Retire'....I love that!!  College ball tonight, I hope/think... :) Getting pumped to head up to G'ville for the game and to see my mama.  Let's hope the Gators have got their shit together this time.

Up at 5AM after being up several times....I would almost kill for 8-9 SOLID hours of sleep.

few bites of a Larabar that Pauly left for me in the fridge :)

WOD: 'Baby Fran': 21-15-9 thrusters @ 45 and pull ups. took me 3:17 longer than my last Fran time, and today was also 20lbs lighter...coincidentally, my bw has gone up almost that much since the last time I did more fire breather days....took me 8:00.  THAT is what Fran is like preggo.  Coach asked me if I was going to do it Rxd @, NO.  I got no issues with that these days.  Added 50 air squats.

3 eggs, some coconut pudding.

t burg, spinach, a red pepper.  celery and ab :)

If I had to say I was craving anything, it is vinegary and spicy stuff.  Pepperocini and Crystal sauce seem to be  taking the lead so far.  Crystal sauce on my veggies.  Today I had lemon, sea salt, nutmeg and pepper sauce on my spinach. So good.

Pizza Fusion tonight after BStudy :)  One large gluten free Farmers' Market w. chicken, coming up. Will add a salad from home.  FOOTBALL!!!! SEC and NFL...aaahhhhhhh, life is so good.


  1. I love it Sarah... you are all about taking it easy, listening to your body and taking care of yourself and that itty bitty baby :) You are already a great mother!

  2. Oh the boys will love you for suggesting 5 Guys... I will take them when I have them next weekend and tell em you said I had to :)